WordPress Plugin

Loginizer has been integrated as a WordPress plugin so you can simply install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard and get started.

How to install the plugin ?

  • 1) Login to WordPress admin panel

  • 2) Go to Plugins tab -> Add New

  • 3) Search for Loginizer

  • 4) Click Install Now button

  • 5) Click Activate button to activate the plugin

  • 6) Go to your Dashboard -> Settings -> Loginizer

  • 7) Configure Settings or use default setting

  • 8) That's it! You're ready to go.



Blocks IP after max allowed attempts

Extended Lockouts

Extended lockouts for abusing IPs

Failed attempts logs

Check logs of failed login attempts

Email Notification

Get an email notification for abusing IPs

Blacklist IPs

Blacklist an IP or IP range from login

Whitelist IPs

Whitelist an IP or IP range from login

Many more features coming soon ...



Suggest a Feature ?

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